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I'm an arts critic, journalist, editor and musician based in London, England. I've interviewed hundreds of celebrities over the years. Many of them (including Amy Winehouse, Gil Scott Heron, Ivor Cutler and Ravi Shankar) are now sadly dead. Others (like Jeremy Clarkson, Louis Walsh and Justin Lee Collins) are sadly not. 


Over the years, I've followed an Argentine tango troupe across Italy, witnessed Morris dancers in Cuba, and shared a trailer with Jennifer Lopez in Azerbaijan. I've visited Ennio Morricone at his studio in Rome, followed demented Pink Floyd fans around Europe, and used the toilet at Tony Bennett's New York apartment. I've covered the Kentucky Derby; hung out in studios with Dizzee Rascal and Paul Weller; sat in hotel suites with Ozzy Osbourne and Smokey Robinson; and been hypnotised by Derren Brown. 


I've also put together numerous compilation albums (for EMI, Outcaste and Nascente), written treatments for TV programmes (for Tiger Aspect and the BBC), served as a judge on the Mercury Music Prize and the Brit Awards, co-written a book, edited another, project-managed many more and worked as a session musician (playing piano, guitar, bass, accordion and tablas to varying degrees of proficiency).


​I am always available for writing work, subediting shifts, copywriting, proofreading, copy editing and any other assignments. Contact me at

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